September 2017:
At the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt am Main, Daimler is presenting the Well-to-Wheel chains with the optimized Optiresource App.
September 2017:
The new version of Optiresource Lite has been optimized for smart phone. It is now available at the following link.
February 2017:
APP2.0 is available on Google Play.
January 2017:
Optiresource Car for Experts 4.1, with total cost of ownership computation, has been released for OR Organization members.
Oktober 2016:
the next release of Optirerource Car "for Experts" is coming soon with new exciting features like the total cost of ownership computation.
July 2016:
APP2.0 is available on Apple Store.
September 2013:
APP is available on Apple Store.
December 2012:
Optiresource App is in beta testing phase.